Products made from panai palm leaves – panai olai


Products made from palm leaves

  • Eco friendly products
Palm leaves are used widely for making baskets, boxes, trays, stationary items and assorted items like laundry bins, purses, Panai Palm Leaf Square Tray Set , Panai Palm Leaf Pencil Box Pouch, Panai Palm Leaf Oval Box, toy box,key chain, agarbathi box, Panai Palm Leaf Oval jewel box,Palm Leaf Muram Solavu Winnowing Basket,Palm Leaf Pala Petti Pooja Basket,Palm Leaf Arisi Petti Seer Petti Naaru Petti ,Palm Leaf Kadavai Olai Petti,Panai Palm Leaf Sewing Box Mittai Petti Kottan,Panai Olai Palm Leaf PLAIN Mittai Petti Size,Panai Palm Leaf Baby Rattle / Kilukai etc.


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